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The first hubei · wuhan youth sports expo | like sports exhibition wonderful review!

2020-11-04 567次

The first Hubei · Wuhan Youth Sports Expo was held in Wuhan from October 30 to November 1, 2020.

The theme of youth Expo 2020 is "Sports and Education Integration sports empowerment". The aim is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Opinions on Deepening The Integration of Sport and Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Youth issued by the General Administration of Sport and the Ministry of Education, further boost the vitality of the sports consumption market, and make contributions to the integration of sport and education, making China a strong country in sports and building a healthy China.

Like Sports
Booth T12 in A2 Hall
This is a visual feast
We put a lot of effort into the layout of the pavilion



By like sports with the professional explanation of the sports staff
As well as products and pictures display
Many customers have expressed their intention to cooperate

The popularity of the scene
Not only from the unique spirit of ingenuity of enterprise products
More from the importance of youth sports safety

Teenagers play sports on substandard playing fields
It can cause some physical damage
Reduce the enthusiasm of young people to participate in sports
It is not conducive to the further popularization and development of the concept of sports life for all people

Ecological runway
The structural impact resistance of PU series of environmental nano silicon products
Resistant to compression and able to absorb strong impact
Reduce sports injuries
Effective protection of the safety of campaigners
Help young people carry out sports training safely and scientifically
Avoid unnecessary sports injuries to ensure the safety of life

With the environmental nano silicon PU course and fall in love with the ecological track
It can better stimulate people's enthusiasm for sports
Let more people by like sports, so fall in love with sports

Let's meet guo Bo and create a new situation for the development of youth sports!


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