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Like Sports Tours | Go hand in hand qingyuan, meet and enjoy huizhou beauty!

2020-07-09 567次

 Thanks to all colleagues in the first half
Hard work and effort
July 3rd to 4th
Fall in love with sports Headquarters
We started a two-day trip to Qingyuan
July 4th to 5th
Fall in love with sports factory
We started a two-day trip to Huizhou

July 3, Gulong Gorge rafting

After lunch, we went to gulong Gorge, a roller coaster known as the top of the waves.

(Passionate water fight time)

We float through the cool water in a rubber dinghy. The friends ended the rafting project by fighting and Shouting one after another.

After the excitement, let's calm down and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

July 3rd has come to an end, and we still have one more day to go!

 July 4th headquarters: CS+ Kart + tour of "The Small Three Gorges"
              factory: Xunliao Bay, Huizhou

On the morning of July 4, the love of sports partners arrived at the field special training base.


(Listen to the coach carefully)

In the field of battle, partners quickly into the combat state, began to change, under the guidance of the coach, partners began to combat tasks.

After the END of THE CS, everyone had more than enough. Next, we started the next project -- the shooting kart.

(We are all the coolest drivers today)

At the last stop, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the "Little Three Gorges" and tasted the local food.

In addition to the qingyuan journey, another team fell in love with sports -- sports factory Department, set out to Huizhou for a trip to the beach.

After enjoying the sun and the beach, refuel with a barbecue meal.

Visit West Lake in Huizhou on July 5

On July 5, the partners visited the West Lake in Huizhou and ended the activity with beautiful scenery.

The 2-day trip to fall in love with the sports headquarters and factory has come to a successful conclusion. Life should be like this, there is to try your best to work, but also after the harvest of joy to relax! This trip to Qingyuan and Huizhou brings us closer to each other. On the way of struggle, we walk side by side and make progress together.


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