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Like Sports | The most beautiful Chinese red, chengdu Circular trail online!

2020-07-31 567次

The most beautiful Chinese red!
Another landmark building in Chengdu's Tianfu New District has been roofed
That is -Purple light tianfu core city circle of wisdom

Let's take a look at the actual display of the ring of Wisdom
This red is really too gorgeous!

Figure from@超超CHAOS

The "Ring of Wisdom" roof is a 400-meter circular walkable surface
Built according to the ups and downs of the terrain
The bright red contrasts sharply with the surrounding green vegetation
Very visual impact

Figure from@超超CHAOS

"At the end of The Yulin Road,
Sit by the door of the tavern."
Song "Chengdu" by Zhao Lei
Put chengdu night, Chengdu's love
The ease of Chengdu is vividly depicted
So many people want to go to Chengdu
Take a walk around the streets of Chengdu

Now chengdu at night
Add another beautiful scene
- Purple light Tianfu core city ring of wisdom

Figure from@天府新城那些事兒

Such a beautiful ring of wisdom
Design and construction is not a simple matter
Want to know
Just selecting the design team is very demanding
After layers of checks
The project side finally invited us
Dutch architect Nanna DE Roux

Led by Nanne, founder of The Powerhouse Company in the Netherlands, the Project features a red, walkable curved roof that rises and rises to create a green park around the centre, highlighting the theme of health and beauty.

Figure from@Powerhouse Company

Because of this, The Ring of Wisdom won the IAI Architectural Concept Award, which is one of the most influential and prestigious design awards in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world, and represents the highest honor in the field of design.

The 400-meter roof circular walkway
What makes it so gorgeous
And its shop outfit material is having close concern
The project side has been strictly audited
The final choice is high quality and good reputation
Love sports brand sports shop materials

The 400-meter roof circular walkway
Love breathable plastic runway materials

The breathable plastic track produced by Love Sports is made of 100% solvent-free material and has been certified by China environmental protection products, China environmental label products, national environmental protection and health products, etc. The materials are brightly colored and durable, with excellent weather resistance, and the paved site has good impact resistance. In the rainy season, its porous molding material, good drainage, rain drainage is smooth without water, improve the use efficiency.

High quality materials ensure the smooth completion of the Loop of Wisdom trail, which lays a solid foundation for the project to open to the public as soon as possible. Falling in love with sports as the "new national standard leader", has been providing more professional, healthy sports venues for everyone.

Figure from@超超CHAOS

Professional international designer
High quality paving materials
Create this beautiful "China Red"


Figure from@Powerhouse Company

The Ring of Wisdom trail with a splash of red
Capturing the changing light and shadow of the chengdu sky
It's amazing
The Ring of Wisdom is expected to open to the public soon
Don't forget to clock in then


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